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The firm was set up in 1986
by business consultants Vincent Cecchetti (member of the Association of Certified Accountants since 1983) and Marino Albani (member since 1986); joined by Franco Norri in 1996.
Over the years, the firm has carefully followed the evolution of the profession and the dynamic needs of customers to guarantee qualified consulting and services not just in the traditional areas of taxes and company law, but also in the new specialist fields of management control, audit, internal control systems and procedures, business process analysis, management reports, management consulting and fiscal planning.
The firm has always organized its services in a coordinated and flexible way, to offer the best support to professionals. Specialist sectors are separately managed, with particular attention to labour consulting, pay packets and accounting, to guarantee quality, timeliness and compliance with statutory and fiscal deadlines.
The firm successfully collaborates with renowned law firms to integrate and complete the range of services available to its customers.
The firm philosophy is shared by the entire staff and associates organize weekly meetings with their collaborators to discuss topics and issues concerning the firm and its organization to continually improve staff coordination and internal procedures.