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Our mission is to assist holders of an American passport, or a Green Card, residing outside the United States, to regularize their tax position vis-à-vis the US Tax Authority (IRS). With the utmost discretion, we provide customers with personalized advice and analyze specific cases in Italian, English, French and Spanish. We can assist customers with complying with the IRS Streamlined Filing Procedures, a specific program developed by the IRS that allows for coming back into compliance  without the fear of failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties, accuracy-related penalties, information return penalties, or (Foreign Bank Account Reports) FBAR penalties.  

This specialized suite of services was in direct response to the IRS's estimate that there are over 10 million U.S. taxpayers who have undisclosed, offshore accounts which are now subject to IRS reporting by the implementation of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) in the various countries of the world.

In addition, we offer US related services in the following areas:
  • American tax compliance; Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (O.V.D.P.), Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, Delinquent FBAR, Amended Tax Return;
  • Fiscal assistance to American citizens, and Green Card holders, who reside outside the United States;
  • US tax returns and reporting of assets held abroad;
  • Case analysis and suitability assessments relating to the eligibility for the tax compliance programs;
  • Assistance to foreign companies expanding or investing in the US with various services: immigration, start-up, management, commerce, government agencies (FDA, etc.), real estate, investments, accounting and finance, IP, IPO;
  • FATCA assistance for financial institutions;

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CorporateTeamWorks Inc. is an American company based in Pennsylvania, with offices in Newark and New York, as well as representatives in Lugano / Switzerland and Montevideo / Uruguay, created by qualified professionals, tax experts and multilingual business consultants with over thirty years of experience in financial professions , commercial and cross-border tax advice.
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